This winter,
build a snowperson
in honor of a loved one with ALS.
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ALS Society of Quebec

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Presented by Revenu Quebec, this teleconference aims to help raise awareness on various tax credits and benefits for people with a disability.

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This virtual support group provides a place to exchange, to promote a better understanding of the disease and its different stages, inspired by each person’s unique context and reality.


⛄ During the confinement and all winter long, enjoy the beautiful weather and inspire your family and friends by building a snowman in honor of a loved one with ALS. Send us your story and photos at [email protected]!
🎨 For the chilly days indoors, have fun with the kids doing this

“With change comes adjustment and resilience.” – Odette Lacroix
Back in 2001, when my husband Pierre was diagnosed with ALS, the outlook for people living with the disease was very different. At the time, there was only one support group in the entire province, so we had to travel to

“The pandemic is taking a toll on caregivers” – Jocelyn Théorêt
Since the start of the pandemic, many people have asked me how I’ve been coping with the lockdown. My first instinct is always to say that it hasn’t made much difference to me, since I’m always at home helping

“Fighting with Positivity and Hope” – Elias Makos
When my 74-year-old mother began having mobility issues, my family assumed that old age was finally getting to my active mother who had always been a dynamo. But as different treatments failed to show any results, doctors began to suspect something far more