Conference – Medical Aid in dying (in english)

2021-09-13 - 13:30 / 15:00

Kate Busch at [email protected] or call 514-725-2653, extension 109.

Medical assistance in dying is an exceptional intervention. The use of this treatment is strictly supervised and marked out by law. However, the law has evolved in recent years. Join us on September 13 as we discuss the issue.

The conference will be given in ENGLISH by Hélène Guay, B.C.L., LL.M.

Time: Monday, September 13, 1:30 PM to 3 PM

Where:  The virtual support group will be held on Zoom, a videoconferencing platform.

Registration : Please fill out this registration form.


If you are not familiar with Zoom, or with online communications, please reach Kate at 514 725-2653, ext. 109 or by email at [email protected]

You may also read our Zoom user guides online.

See you soon, together.