Fund Raising Tools

You need some help to set up your fundraising? We have everything you need!

We understand that fundraising can seem like a daunting task. However, most of you will be surprised how fast donations add up once you start collecting. The key to success? Start now, if you haven’t done so already!

Fundraising tips and tricks

Personal online page

Upon your online registration, you will be asked to set up your personal fundraising page. Be sure to use this site, it is a great tool!

On your personal fundraising page, you can:

  • Personalize and Customize your Homepage
  • Solicit Donors
  • Manage Cash and Cheque Donations
  • Verify the Results of your Fundraising Campaign

Use your personal page to share your story and introduce yourself to your donors. Encourage your donors to use the online system as it saves time and helps to save on administrative fees. Your Personal Page also automatically tracks your fundraising balance, so you and your donors can monitor your progress.

Need help navigating the website? Consult the tutorials of the most used functions of the fundraising website:

Multimedia centre

Corporate matching gift program

Contact your Human Resources department to find out if your company has a corporate matching gift program. With this program, the company will equally match your donation. If they do, you can obtain and complete a form and turn it in with your pledges – it’s an easy way to double your total. Moreover you can encourage donors to ask their companies for matching gift forms; many donors are not aware this is an option. Often, even if a company does not have a matching gift program, they will support your efforts financially.


Download the Registration and Pledge form.

For more information, please contact our Fund development coordinator.