The mission of the ALS Society of Quebec spans the province. Our services are offered to everyone, free of charge. These include a telephone support and information line, equipment loan and financial assistance programs and tele-workshops that allow people with ALS and their families to connect with others who may be going through similar experiences.

To find out more about our programs and services, consult the Support and Services section. .

Support Groups and Social Activities
For the past few years, ALS Quebec has been organizing support groups and social activities that can lessen the isolation sometimes felt by people with ALS and their families. These programs help people develop supportive relationships with others who are living through the same issues.
Our social activities welcome people with ALS in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested in getting involved and organizing an activity (such as a visit to a local museum, a fishing tournament, an apple picking day or a sugar bush outing) or if you want to put together a support group, please contact Elizabeth Barbosa at

Fundraising Events
Our fundraising events held across the province are a great opportunity to gather the community, increase awareness, and raise money in support of the ALS Society’s mission.

For more information, please contact our Fund Development Coordinator.

Want to organize your own event or get involved in one of the events in your region? Visit the Create Your Own Event or Volunteer sections.

Clinics Specialized in ALS
There are several clinics that specialize in treating people diagnosed with ALS. Consult the list of ALS clinics.

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Odette Lacroix: winner of the 2016 Chantal Lanthier Award

Words are not enough to describe  Odette Lacroix’s tireless work for the Society, even now, at the age of 75! In recognition of her dedication,  Odette received the Chantal Lanthier Award, awarded to a volunteer whose remarkable contribution to our mission makes him or her an inspiration to others. From the moment Odette’s husband, Pierre Lacroix, […]


Dominic Delambre, Luc Vilandré and Michel Simard : behind the Ride to Fight ALS’s success

Since its 2008 inception, the Ride to Fight ALS has brought together hundreds of cyclists and has generated over 1.6 million dollars, thus making it one of the Society’s flagship events. Luc Vilandré, Dominic Delambre and Michel Simard are among a long list of committed volunteers who have managed to propel this cycling challenge forward. […]


Gilles Martel: moving forward, one walk at a time

In 2003, the letters “A-L-S” increasingly resonated with the daily life of Gilles Martel. While a certain Jean Lepage raised funds for ALS in the Charlevoix region, his very good friend Ghislain, and his wife Angèle, were facing the consequences of the disease. “We had known them for 25, 30 years. Everything in Ghislain’s personal […]

May 1 @ 18:00 – 20:00
ALS caregiver support Group In partnership with Nova West Island and with the generous support of the Tony Proudfoot Fund, monthly meetings are organized with fellow ALS caregivers to discuss some of the challenges each[...]
May 2 @ 13:30 – 15:30 ALS Society of Quebec
Have you been touched by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?  Would you like to share and exchange with others who understand your experience with ALS? Two groups are offered simultaneously: one for the people with ALS and[...]
May 3 @ 13:00 – 16:00 Caisse Desjardins du personnel municipale de Québec
This presentation in French is intended to demystify palliative care, as well as, to discuss the services that are available and what it means  to accompany someone during this stage. The goal is to alleviate[...]
May 6 @ 09:00 Promenade Gérard Côté, Saint-Hyacinthe
Location: Promenade Gérard-Côté, Saint-Hyacinthe. Meeting point: Downtown Saint-Hyacinthe, parking behind the Fédération des Caisses populaires Desjardins (entrance on Bourdages street) Registration: 8:30am Walk/run start: 9:00am Walk/run end: 9:50am Cost: Free or donation proportional to the number of[...]