Pierre Madore: “We must act”

It was necessary to do more Being a pharmacist for 33 years, my profession led me to get very involved in the community. Seeing that our government did not meet the growing demand for services and healthcare, I told myself that it was necessary to do more. A friend and I created a team who participated […]

Michael Soles

I’m still the same – Michael Soles

My arms may be less powerful than when I proudly wore #22, but I’ll still feel the greeting of your hand on my shoulder if we meet some day.
I’m still the same.
Determined. Humble. Positive.

Nathalie-Provost (2)

The ice had been broken. We could tell each other anything…

“It did us a world of good to laugh together. And to cry sometimes, too. Then our partners went, one after the other. But we girls still continued to see each other. The ice had been broken; we could tell each other anything. It was four years ago this week that my partner, Michel, left us. But these beautiful friendships help me keep his memory alive.”

ALS Awareness Month

Guy Provost's Family

“My eyes filled with tears, and so did Guy’s.”

Guy, an IT Specialist diagnosed three years ago with a form of ALS which affects one’s voice first, has never let the disease stop him from communicating with his network. But all that was being threatened. Guy’s disease had progressed, and his computer equipment was no longer adequate.


Let’s Break the Ice!