Deuil Jeunesse

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Deuil-Jeunesse est un organisme de bienfaisance unique d’interventions professionnelles qui vient en aide aux jeunes et aux familles qui vivent la maladie grave, la disparition ou la mort d’un proche ou des pertes liées à la séparation parentale, l’abandon ou l’adoption. Nous travaillons auprès des jeunes eux-mêmes, de leurs parents

Support and services for our members: Together, we find strength


Improving the quality of life of Quebec families touched by ALS
Learning you have ALS is devastating. The diagnosis stirs up all kinds of emotions — fear, worry, sadness and anger. From diagnosis to end-of-life care and bereavement support, our dedicated team of psychosocial counsellors and coordinators provide compassionate and knowledgeable

The motivation behind our Third Caregiver Recognition Day


“Today, we want to give you a little respite and acknowledge your dedication towards your loved ones” says Leigh Stephens, psychosocial counsellor at the Society, setting the tone for the third edition of Caregiver Recognition Day as part of Caregivers Week. On Sunday, November 6th, approximately 30 caregivers

Outing leaves participants in awe


“Wow, wow, wow!!!! FREEDOM!!! What a terrific day. I’ve been imprisoned inside my body for years, and I never thought it possible to experience such a feeling of freedom…” says Ginette Beaudreault, who took part in a sailing excursion organized last summer at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club.

Respite Program: Caring for the Caregivers


In 2001, Martin and Anick were planning their lives together, looking forward to great adventures, determined to climb their respective career ladders and to start a family. But fate had decided otherwise.

The ALS Society of Quebec is expanding its programs and services


The Society expands its regional outreach
In 2015, one of the Society’s priorities was to extend its outreach to members across the province and to diversify its activities held outside the metropolitan area. As a result during this year, the Society traveled to thirteen administrative regions, organized more support groups

Stronger Together – Message from the President and Executive Director


When we share our ideas, energy and philanthropic contributions we create a community that is truly stronger.  Together, we’ve accomplished a great deal in 2015. We have made sustainable investments in our services and contributed to major research grants in Canada.
A CROP survey of our members, caregivers and healthcare

Two new programs launched!

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Supporting families as they navigate the progression of ALS
Last fall, The ALS Society of Quebec was pleased to announce that over 79,000 generous Quebecers raised $2,660 000 through the Ice Bucket Challenge. The funds are being allocated to two important areas: the national research program with ALS Canada, in which

ALS Society of Quebec publishes its second Annual Report


Message from the President of the Board and the Executive Director
As we look back on the past year, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with how much we’ve accomplished. We remain astonished by the incredible success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This phenomenal fundraising campaign inspired by

Caring for the caregivers: the ALS Society of Quebec expands its services


Caring for someone with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) isn’t easy.  It is a 24-hour a day, seven-day a week job that takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on caregivers.  To help caregivers cope, the ALS Society of Quebec is expanding the services available to those looking after a