Now available: ALS Quebec’s 2018 Annual Report

You are a game changer

It’s hard to win against a tough opponent like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), but the actions you took in the past year changed the rules of the game. You changed the lives of families touched by ALS by supporting personalized programs and services for those living with ALS and their loved ones. Your contribution in our awareness initiatives with the general population and governement officials was a game changer. Your support also changed the future of ALS by supporting research. We are proud to share the impact you had on the playing field, moving us closer to the goal line.

Without the support and dedication of all our volunteers, donors, and participants, we could never have accomplished so much. This year, thousands of you all across the province took the time to walk, ride, run, and organize fundraisers in your communities, and we are so very appreciative of your efforts.

With your support, we were able to enhance and change the way we provide our services by developing a new virtual learning environment for ALS caregivers and revamping our website. Available on-demand, these ALS-specific virtual resources have greatly expanded access to our services province-wide.

Your contributions have also allowed us, our partners, and the ALS community to band together to lobby the government on various issues, in particular access to innovative drugs. Thanks to our concerted efforts, Health Canada has approved a new ALS treatment for the first time in 20 years. We will continue to speak up to keep the discussion going.

Lastly, the contributions you’ve made will be invaluable to ALS research, paving the way for a cure and a better future for everyone touched by the disease. Thanks to your donations, we’re proud to have contributed to a $3 million investment to the ALS Society of Canada’s research program. Twelve new research projects are now under way and have become beacons of hope for ALS patients and their families.

The fight against ALS is not over yet. On behalf of the board of directors and the families we support, we would like to thank everyone—researchers, donors, participants, volunteers, healthcare professionals, and partners—for joining us on our mission to make game-changing progress.

Susan Kennerknecht 

President of the Board of Directors
President, Conseil BKK consulting Inc.

Claudine Cook
Executive Director
ALS Society of Quebec


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