9th edition of the Fondation André-Delambre Symposium


From left to right : Drs. Steve Perrin, Stanley Appel, Nobel Laureate Stanley Prusiner and Jean-Pierre Julien

Quebec City – The 9th Annual Symposium on ALS Fondation André-Delambre was held on September 20 and 21 at Laval University in Quebec City. The organizers of the Symposium, Jean-Pierre Julien and Jasna Kriz, had invited 24 internationally renowned speakers to discuss the progress of research on the genetic causes of ALS, the disease mechanisms, new experimental therapeutic approaches and clinical trials.

As part of the special session “Prion-like mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases”, the Symposium hosted Dr. Stanley Prusiner (UCSF ) , 1997 Nobel Prize for the discovery of prions. This discovery is unique in the history of medicine since it implies that, in certain neurodegenerative diseases, misfolded proteins can become pathogenic agent. In recent years, several laboratories have obtained results suggesting that misfolded proteins and protein aggregates in neurons may contribute to the pathogenesis of ALS. This session was designed to better understand how prion-like mechanisms might be involved in ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. The conference of Dr. Prusiner was introduced by Dr. Marc Ouellette, Director of the Institute of Infection and Immunity of CIHR. This conference was followed by an official ceremony for signing the guestbook at Laval University in the presence of vice-rectrice à la recherche , Dr. Sophie D’Amours

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