Caregiver workshop in Quebec city: Listening to better help others

2018-05-22 - 13:00 / 16:00

Centre communautaire Claude-Allard, room RC19

Odette Lacroix, 418-626-8726 / 418-655-8726

You are invited to partake in a workshop especially designed for those who are caring for someone living with ALS. The goal of this workshop is to better equip and support you by offering tips for your well-being as you help your loved one throughout the course of the illness. The workshop will be lead by Manon Fournier who is a registered nurse.

Guest speaker: Manon Fournier, registered nurse
When: 1pm to 4pm
Location: Centre communautaire Claude-Allard Room : RC19, 3200 Avenue d’Amours, Quebec city, QC G1X 1L9
Registration: Odette Lacroix at [email protected] or  418-626-8726 / 418-655-8726