Interactive conference for caregivers on coping with cumulative loss, ambiguous loss: a first step (part 2)

2020-02-04 - 13:00 / 16:00

Saint-Laurent Recreation Center, 1375 Grenet Street, 2nd floor, Room AB225, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 5K3

Nadine Habra, 514 725-2653 ext.: 106 or [email protected]

Conference animated by Clara C. Verhas-Breyne, a caregiver, actor and mosaic artist by training. This conference will cover the following themes: 1- The journey of discovering the word ‘loss’ and how it can illuminate the path; 2- Some notions to better understand loss, with examples; 3- Effective tools to continue moving forward; 4- How such a demanding path can also be a bright one.

Your attendance is required for both interactive conferences. Conference is in French. Translation is available. This conference is the second part of the first conference that took place on January 28th. 

Registration: Chatelaine Normandin, 514-866-6801 ext.: 227 or [email protected]