Spinning for ALS

2017-12-09 - 09:00

Centre Sportif Extreme Evolution

For those diagnosed with ALS, for those who passed away from this disease as well as for their loved ones;

particularly for Dean Stock, diagnosed in Decembre 2014 and who passed away in September 2016,

Mrs Claudia Romero has put into place a project to raise funds. She has organized a spinning activity on December 9, 2017: SPINNING for ALS


This project aims at raising funds for the benefit of the Society of ALS of Quebec only. To help families in need and also to help in the research of the disease. ALS is a devastating disease that affects the entire family on the emotional, physical and financial levels. The people and the families living with ALS need support, information, resources, specialized equipments and possibly care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All this requires important financial resources as well as accurate assistance. Unfortunately, in many cases, these resources are not available or simply not accessible.


We would like to encourage this project and to help achieve a great success.


Capacity of the spinning room: 36 bikes


For reservation or to encourage this project with a donation, PLEASE contact:

Claudia Romero

Organiser of the event: Spinning for ALS

(438) 882-8044 | [email protected]