Webinar – Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities in a Home Care Setting

2019-11-06 - 13:30 / 15:30

The Quebec government and its’ population favor remaining at home for as long as possible, even until end of life. This is a very important paradigm shift that requires an increase in dedicated home care resources. This situation creates a number of issues for both the person who is ill, as well as for caregivers, all of whom need support. It also brings up a number of ethical questions, potential conflicts of interest, allegations, and even civil liabilities of the various players, notably those of caregivers who tend to be most often implicated. This presentation addresses questions that take into account these recent developments and new government policies in this area.

Speaker: Me Danielle Chalifoux, President of Institut de Planification des Soins

Date and time*:
Wednesday, November 6th, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm
*Presentation will be in French, but you are welcome to ask questions in English

Location: In person : ALS Society Office, 5415 rue Paré, Suite 200, TMR or participate via WEBINAR
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About Me Danielle Chalifoux

Me Chalifoux is a member of the Barreau since 1985 and practiced law in the field of health, responsibility and insurance. She holds a Human Rights’ Master’s degree  from McGill University and, for a few years now, has been focusing on seniors and people with functional or psychological disabilities.