Statement from ALS Canada regarding dexpramipexole research results

Today Biogen Idec reported results from a Phase 3 trial investigating dexpramipexole (dex) in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The company said that the trial failed to show slowing of functional decline or improved survival and failed to demonstrate efficacy. Based on these results, the company is discontinuing development of dexpramipexole in ALS. Earlier research trials showed benefits with dexpramipexole; however late-stage clinical research failed to show improvement. While this is disappointing news, Biogen Idec is committed to working with researchers to understand the causes of ALS and find potential new treatments.

The Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS), a consortium composed of all the academic ALS clinics across Canada, participated in this trial at six centres. ALS Canada recognizes CALS for its commitment to this trial and its significant contribution towards discovering new treatments.

ALS Canada is encouraged by the number of clinical trials currently underway. Your support holds the promise for a better future.

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Source: ALS Canada