Changing the game for the ALS community

Engaging the dialogue with the government and the general public

Making game-changing progress means reaching out to Quebecers and government authorities to raise awareness for ALS and the realities and challenges that people touched by the disease have to face.

“I want to urge governments to pledge their support for ALS, once and for all, the same way they do for other, more common neurodegenerative diseases. We’re close to finding a cure, but we lack funds. All I want to see is real political will and concrete efforts toward ending this disease, which has claimed thousands of victims. I take life one day at a time, but I never give up hope that one day we’ll find a drug to help us live longer and that we’ll have quicker access to medicine, which is why I continue to speak up and why I encourage you to do the same.”

-Nancy Roch, ALS Quebec Ambassador living with ALS since 2017



“I’m all too familiar with ALS—my father died from the disease in 2002, so we know exactly what it entails. Then, André Delambre approached me to become the spokesperson for the ALS Society of Quebec, which helped me learn even more about the cause. When my father had ALS, most people had never heard about it, let alone seen it firsthand. Whenever I’d talk about it, people just didn’t get it. Today, it’s much better known thanks to the efforts by the ALS Society of Quebec and the work we all do together. I have a soft spot for people with ALS and their families. We can’t give up. Concrete actions are the only thing that will help us find a cure for this terrible disease.”

-Martin Matte, humoriste et comédien, ancien porte-parole de la Société de la SLA du Québec


In a show of support and as part of our ALS Awareness Month campaign, various personalities from the sports and cultural spheres and members of the ALS community got together to talk about what they do to help change the game.


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