Dominic Delambre’s Story

By implicating myself in the fight against ALS, as I am simply contributing to our society.

Why do I “Ride for ALS”?

First because my father died of ALS in 2006, and second, because ALS is an unjust and cruel disease, that can afflict anyone at any time. This disease affects us all. During the last ten years I have been involved on various levels in the fight against ALS: via the Fondation André-Delambre, or the ALS Society of Quebec for which I am Secretary-Treasurer. Ten years ago, this orphan disease was completely unknown to the public, but also to many healthcare professionals. Today, I am deeply convinced that the situation has changed and that awareness has greatly increased.

Being involved in the fight against ALS is simply my contribution to our society, but it is also because I firmly believe that we will one day find a cure to this terrible disease. In the meantime, if we can help people suffering from ALS and their family, we will have taken a step forward…

Riding to fight ALS is as enjoyable as it is useful! On top of gathering funds for the cause, I have the pleasure of participating in its organization, of cycling, and as a bonus, I get to step away from my day to day as a certified accountant! The Ride for ALS forces me to train all through the summer, encourages me to eat well, provides me with the opportunity to meet exceptional people such as Luc, Claudine, Michel, Guylaine and some hundred more! The Ride is also a family activity: my two sons are invloved – one as a participant and the other as a volunteer – and the woman who will hand you a glass of over-diluted GAtorade is my mother!

As my father used to say: A spark that will lead us to a cure….

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