Driving and ALS- Kendra Berry, BSc.OT (Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital)


Driving is an important activity for many people, it is often associated with a sense of independence. It is a complex task that requires adequate physical, cognitive/perceptual and functional abilities. ALS is an illness that can affect these abilities, therefore having an impact on one’s ability to drive safely. The ALS multidisciplinary team at the Montreal Neurological Hospital/Institute implemented a driving screening process with the objective of promoting  and prolonging driving safety in patients with ALS. Our project, known as the ALS Steering Wheel, will be presented in the webinar.


Kendra Berry graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2001 and began working at the Royal Victoria Hospital as an occupational therapist in May 2001. Since graduating, she has maintained various roles within the McGill University Health Center, including Clinical Coordinator for the Department of Occupational Therapy.  She has worked in both in-patient and out-patient settings, and with patients from across various medical disciplines and surgery.

Kendra joined the multidisciplinary ALS clinic at the Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital in 2008. Working with this clientele is challenging, but also rewarding. As an OT, she is driven by helping patients navigate through this very difficult illness.

The ALS Steering Wheel was a quality improvement project that the ALS clinic implemented in September 2017. The multidisciplinary initiative has as its primary goal to promote and prolong safe driving for patients with ALS.