“My eyes filled with tears, and so did Guy’s.”

“Guy is so discouraged that he doesn’t want to use his computer anymore”

It was Guy’s wife, Nathalie, on the phone, and knowing the family well from my work at the ALS Society of Quebec, I realized that something was wrong.

Guy, an IT Specialist diagnosed three years ago with a form of ALS which affects one’s voice first, has never let the disease stop him from communicating with his network.

A pro at online searches, he is looking to discover anything that might help or bring hope to others living with ALS. News on research, new technical aids, inspiring stories — nothing escapes his attention. And he shares the information for the benefit of an entire online community.

ALS has taken Guy’s voice but not his mind or will to live. And using his computer has been his way of contributing to society and staying in touch with the outside world, even as his muscles are responding less and less.

But all that was being threatened. Guy’s disease had progressed, and his computer equipment was no longer adequate.

I was convinced that there had to be a solution. We simply couldn’t let this man be deprived of his only means of communication.

After making several phone calls and consulting my colleagues, I had the pleasure of announcing the news to Nathalie just last week: Guy would soon have his own Tobii, a system that allows users to operate a computer by eye movement.

The whole family was thrilled. And today, I wanted to share their joy with you. Because you contributed to this joy. When you support the ALS Society of Quebec with your donations, you help my colleagues and I announce this kind of news to people who fight isolation every single day.

Thanks to your donations

Thanks to your one-time or monthly donations, the ALS Society of Quebec uses innovative technology to deliver its services and offer the latest communication tools so that families touched by ALS, like Guy’s, can get the support they need, maintain their autonomy and continue to connect with their loved ones and network:

  • TOBII technology and communications aids
  • Teleconferences as well as support groups by phone access
  • Webinars
  • Medical alert services
  • Remote counselling support by phone or Skype
  • Mobility aids