Karine Mathieu’s Story

I am always touched and inspired by the courage shown by ALS patients

NPHVA respiratory therapist

As a respiratory therapist with the National Program for Home Ventilatory Assistance (NPHVA), I feel like I make a difference in the lives of ALS patients by giving them the gift of breathing easier. There is nothing more rewarding than to see patients regain some level of respiratory autonomy by using a BiPAP and applying the various respiratory techniques we teach them. Through my work with the NPHVA, I see the improved respiratory comfort of ALS patients, from their first use of the ventilatory assistance apparatus. Their eyes invariably light up and they thank us for helping them to breathe easy again…and, in a way, for giving them a second lease on life.

I am always touched and inspired by the courage shown by ALS patients who, in spite of the disease, make changes in their lifestyle to be able to enjoy life’s little pleasures. This brings to mind one particular patient, among the many, who just recently told me how excited he was for the Jazz Festival to begin so that he could enjoy the various outdoor shows from the comfort of his wheelchair, which had been adapted for his BiPAP. It’s comments like this that make me realize just how important, and rewarding, my work really is.

Karine Lettre-Mathieu, Respiratory Therapist
Assistant Head of the NPHV

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