The Nouveaux Super-héros: Cycling to save lives

“People should ride for ALS because it’s such an incredible feeling to help those who can’t ride  and who’d give anything just to be on a bike, riding next to us. People living with ALS are the real superheroes.” –Simon Tooley, Ride to Fight ALS participant

For the second year in 2016, the Nouveaux Super-héros team tackled the Ride to Fight ALS challenge. Dressed in the flashy costumes of some of the most popular superheroes, these Montreal-based friends took to their bikes to give hope to people living with ALS. Team captain Simon Tooley is all too familiar with the ravages caused by ALS. His brother, Mark, had the disease. “I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what Mark and our family went through, so that’s why I ride for ALS.” Unfortunately, shortly after doing the Ride, Simon lost his brother to the disease.

Through social media networks, Simon has been able to raise awareness for the disease by talking about his brother’s battle. “Mark was a very private person, but he gave me permission to tell his story so that we could raise more money for research, to one day hopefully find a treatment and maybe even a cure.”

You too would like to take part in the Ride to Fight ALS?