Marc and Elyse’s Story


The ALS Society of Quebec has a Technical Aid and Financial Assistance Program to support its members. These programs help defray the cost of purchase or rental of equipment and services. Your donations will directly improve the quality of life of people with ALS and their caregivers. Click here to know more about our services. Here is Elyse’s story :

In June 2011, Elyse and Marc bought a lever for the pool which allowed Marc to enjoy summer despite the disease. “In the pool he could move his legs and arms more easily. This was a godsend for him. When it was hot, he could spend two hours in the water without getting tired,” recounts his wife and caregiver, Elyse. The ALS Quebec’s assistance has helped to pay for this invaluable tool for Marc.

Living with ALS since 2009, Marc decided not to give up quality activities with his family. “We put a float under his arms and he could stand. Otherwise, he floated on his back with the help of a floater placed under his neck and knees. It was such a therapy,” says Elyse.

“In October 2012, we installed a ceiling track lift to move Marc from his bed to the toilet and bath. Halfway, we could put him in his electric wheelchair. The lever cost $ 11,000, and ALS Quebec helped us . When an individual must pay for specialized equipment like this, all the financial support you can get makes a difference. The track lift has greatly facilitated our lives and made it much more comfortable and easier for Marc.”

When Marc died in 2013, Elyse showed great generosity by donating their pool equipment to another member of the Society.