Michel Tremblay-It’s the time to hope!

When you have ALS, hope is the main source of strength. Hope that researchers will find a treatment and hope that the care and support will help us get through this difficult journey.

I was 53 years old when I learned that I had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), an incurable disease that paralyzes every muscle in your body, one by one. I was in good shape, healthy and athletic and I owned my own garage. ALS turned my life upside down. As my muscles started giving way, I could no longer work with my hands. I lost both my passion and my source of income. Now, I find it more and more difficult to walk. I cannot bathe myself nor get dressed without help. I will eventually lose both my driver’s license and my ability to talk. Can you imagine what a terrible blow this is to my independence and my dignity?

By sheer luck, facing all of these challenges,  I have my Louise, my guiding light, somebody I can count on. I love her so much! My days are numbered, like every person affected by ALS. I find it so incredibly hard to accept that I will be leaving Louise alone.

Twice as much hope!

This Holiday Season, make a gift to ALS Quebec and you will give twice as much support to families affected by ALS. Your gift will be doubled!*


$25 = $50

$50 = $100

$100 = $200

This is one of the reasons I volunteer to take part in clinical trials to help improve conditions for ALS patients and be part of the solution. At the Montreal Neurological Institute, for example, I was told about a new project that will take place in a few months. Despite the fact that I had to give up the one I took part in during winter 2015 because of the serious side effects, I am ready to re-engage because I still hope that we will eventually find a cure.

For those of us with ALS, we keep hoping, every second, that researchers will find a way to extend our lives and ultimately save us. Today, I call on you to help us make a difference!  With your gift to ALS Quebec, you will not only help researchers discover effective treatments, you will also help support ALS patients and their families, at every stage of the disease.

As a person with ALS, I feel I have no choice but to reach out so more people will understand the ugly truth about this terrible disease. I give interviews, I am ready to be a case study and I even organize fundraising events with the help of my dear Louise.

“Believe me, August 6th, 2016 was a day I will never forget! I did not imagine that one day could be so rich in emotions! To start with, Michel and I were so proud that the family activity day we organized raised more than $35,000 to help others affected by ALS. To top it off, my darling trickster surprised me after this amazing day by asking me to marry him!  That is so like Michel; he is so sensitive and generous and even though his disease slows him down, he is still going strong! ALS may have robbed him of his muscles but it will never take away his capacity to love!  For him and for all the others in Quebec who are courageously fighting this disease, thank you for giving today!

-Louise, Michel’s wife and caregiver

Right now, like everyone else who is fighting ALS, I live each moment with intensity; I try to make the most of the time I have left.

You might be surprised, but I swear to you that Christmas will not be sad at our house this year. Louise and the children and I have decided to make this our absolute best Christmas celebration, ever, since we don’t know if this will be my last one.  It will be complicated because I have to take my luggiescooter everywhere. We will all have to pitch in and make extra efforts to keep our spirits up. But we will find a way to visit family. There is no way that we will spend Christmas alone at home!

During this holiday season, please think about all those who suffer from losing their independence and their mobility. Think about their families and friends who do their loving best to support them. Please be generous. Especially since your gift will be worth twice as much!

I thank you sincerely for giving us hope!

Michel Tremblay
Living with ALS

It is thanks to the support of people like you that the ALS Society of Quebec can continue its vital work. Your gift will make such a difference so that we can continue to provide families affected by ALS with:

Technical and financial aid;

Psychosocial support;

Information and referral services;

social activities to break isolation;

Hope that researchers will one day find a cure.