New album by Luc Cousineau

*Mr Luc Cousineau passed away on March 6 2017, a little over 3 years after he received his ALS diagnosis. 

“Tant qu’il y aura une chanson”

A figurehead of the Quebec music scene for the past fifty years, singer-songwriter Luc Cousineau has always had musical projects in mind. After the success of his 18th album in 2014, Le gars, là, Cousineau is already back with a new opus of ten songs, aptly titled, Tant qu’il y aura une chanson. Put on hold in 2013, Cousineau was able to revisit and finalize the album, Tant qu’il y aura une chanson, releasing it on April 14, 2015.

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The disease does not spare musicians

This 19th album has a special meaning because life sometimes is sadly ironic- Luc Cousineau’s life is unfortunately a perfect example. Just days after the release of his album Le gars, là, he learned that he was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig ‘s disease and made well known by the hyper publicized “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Despite this oppressive disease, Cousineau chose to go towards life, and his album, Tant qu’il y aura une chanson, is proof of this. All recordings were made before ALS prevented him from singing and playing guitar, by revisiting these songs and releasing the album he is sending a clear message.

The fight of his life

Officially diagnosed with ALS in 2013, Luc Cousineau draws strength from his family and choses to fight. He supports his peers who also suffer from ALS with the release of, Tant qu’il y aura une chanson, which will raise public awareness about the disease. Additionally, Cousineau will donate a portion of the albums sales to the ALS Society of Quebec, raising funds to support research and to support people living with the disease and their caregivers.

‘‘My pleasure to write and sing is still there. As long as life will allow me. As long as there is a song.’’

Luc Cousineau

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In addition to the release of this magnificent new album, Luc Cousineau invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the 1970s with the addition of, Cousineau, recorded in 1973 (and now almost unavailable) and specially edited for this occasion. The 1970s were a time when the artist was unrestrained, switching from rock to prog, from country to folk, and from latin rhythms to funk. It is a great opportunity to hear his early work, both literary and musical; a work unfortunately almost forgotten or even unknown to some. A free work where the craziness of youth surpassed doubt, allowing him to to break the rules. Additionally, three of Cousineau’s most timeless hits have been added to the new album: Vivre en amour (1976), Angela mon amour (1971) and Comme tout le monde (1980).

Luc Cousineau has been part of the Quebec music scene for the past fifty years. This down-to-earth artist has cultivated a unique and authentic music universe with lyrics and melodies. His multiple projects, records, performances, either as a singer-songwriter or as part of the duo Les Alexandrins made him an iconic figure of Quebec music. Respected artist with a full musical path, Luc Cousineau is undeniably known for his biggest hit Vivre en amour. Moreover, he is the author of 18 albums and over a hundred jingles and movie songs. Over the years, dozens of his songs have made it to the Quebec billboards, including four songs at a number one hit.

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