The Régimbalds team up against ALS

When Jacques Régimbald, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2015, and his son, Martin, began raising money for the Walk for ALS in Laval, they had no idea just how big their efforts would pay off.

“When we first got started, we were aiming for $5,000, but after only three weeks, we’d already hit $4,600. The money kept pouring in, so we upped our goal to $10,000, then $12,000,” said Jacques, who’s convinced that his and his son’s network of friends is the reason for their success. Eighty-year-old Jacques didn’t let his disease stop him from crossing the finish line with his children, Martin and Nathalie. Martin was both astonished and moved by his father’s achievement.

“I was very proud of my dad. He did part of the walk in a wheelchair, which was the first time he’d used one since his diagnosis, but at the end he managed to stand up and cross the finish line under his own steam.”

Martin hopes that the money raised will help educate more people about the “devastating disease” that is ALS. Meanwhile, Jacques remains hopeful about the research being done into ALS. “All I want is for them to find a cure. If this money can help fund research into the disease and help families, then I’ll be happy.”

You too would like to support families touched by ALS and move research forward?  Find the nearest Walk for ALS and join us!

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