Support and services for our members: Together, we find strength

Improving the quality of life of Quebec families touched by ALS

Learning you have ALS is devastating. The diagnosis stirs up all kinds of emotions — fear, worry, sadness and anger. From diagnosis to end-of-life care and bereavement support, our dedicated team of psychosocial counsellors and coordinators provide compassionate and knowledgeable support to families living with the disease.

We help empower those living with ALS,  their caregivers and family members, by providing them with information about the disease and helping them navigate the health system and community services. To ensure those living with ALS receive the best possible quality of care, we provide free seminars to health professionals so they better understand the disease, its progression and the evolving needs of those in their care.


We know when it comes to a disease like  ALS; one size simply does not fit all. Each person’s journey with the disease is unique with its own set of symptoms and natural progression. For this reason, we are committed to providing personalized supportive services,  financial assistance and specialized equipment to meet each member’s individual needs. We organize a variety of in person and online social activities and networking events to break isolation, and to allow those living with ALS and their caregivers an opportunity to share their stories, worries and frustrations while offering one another emotional comfort and moral support.


Our philosophy is simple: we get to know  each family personally and work hand-in-hand, partnering with them to improve their quality of life, enhance their comfort, and alleviate their suffering. We are a friend, an advocate, and a resourceful lifeline that  Quebecers touched by ALS rely on and trust.


Programs & services: our highlights

  • Over 3,000 clients served
    (people living with ALS, caregivers,
    healthcare professionals)
  • 600 persons living with ALS assisted
    Connected with 1100+ family
    members and 45 activities dedicated
    to caregivers
  • Over 560 requests accepted for
    diversified financial aid, including the
    new bereavement support financial
    aid program
  • Over 1,440 interventions for
    personalized assistance and support
  • 1,322 registrations for
    support activities
  • 61 support groups for people living
    with ALS and their caregivers
  • 9 regional conferences and
  • 7 webinars
  • 10 social activities to break isolation
  • 6 exchange forums for
    healthcare professionals

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