Unlocking the potential of nutrition is essential for families living with ALS.

As March 20th marks an important day:  National Dietitians Day and World Oral Health Day, the ALS Society of Quebec has been hard at work updating, a soon to be released, Nutritional Toolkit called, “Culinary Caring”. It will include new content to help families address the changing needs in nutrition during their journey with ALS.

The toolkit holds information and specialized content that is geared for those who have ALS,  their caregivers, and professionals too!

  • Tips for safe swallowing and how to manage choking
  • How to make modified food textures more appetizing
  • Optimizing and maintain oral health
  • How to equip your kitchen for modified diets, go-to recipes and cookbooks
  • Where to access specialized supplies and other important supportive resources in your community, when you are unable or too tired to prepare modified meals
  • Common questions and concerns about enteral feeding

Follow this link for a sneak peek at one of the new sections.

“A tool for approaching your Healthcare team if you or your loved one is experiencing changes in swallowing”

Roxanne Goulet