WATCH: The Ice Bucket Challenge is back


Last year, former habs forward and media personality PJ Stock took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, unaware that just a few months later, his brother Dean would be diagnosed with ALS.

Stock says the challenge represents more than just a brief viral trend. It means hope for a possible cure.

“We all did the bucket challenge last year, but what did we learn from it. And that’s what my brother’s here to do, what I’m here to do, my family’s here to do and hope we find a cure for this thing,” he said.

Former Montreal Canadiens captain Vincent Damnphousse was also at today’s launch.

“It was on Facebook, it was on Twitter, it was everywhere,” he said. “To be able to get that kind of exposure in the media and everywhere, it was a great boost and very motivating for the people affected by the disease. They have hope now and with the money that we raised and the money that hopefully we’ll raise this year, we’ll be able to find something to eventually find a cure.”

Quebec’s 80,000 Ice Bucket Challengers raised more than $2.5 million for the ALS Society of Quebec last year.

Across Canada $17 million dollars was raised.