Workshop on Various Tax Credits

David Hazan is a Chartered Accountant certified in both Quebec and Ontario with 40 years of experience in the preparation of personal income tax returns. When presented with the tax returns of disabled individuals over the years, David noticed that individuals and their supporting relatives often did not take full advantage of the many federal and provincial deductions, exemptions and tax credits available to them. In order to help families benefit from these often overlooked opportunities, David has developed a unique expertise in the preparation of tax returns for physically and mentally disabled individuals and their loved ones. Building upon his expertise, David formed Compens’aide and speaks to diverse audiences about the many government programmes designed to assist disabled persons and those who dedicate time and effort in order to help such persons maintain both their dignity and their quality of life. For more information on how Compens’aide might be able to assist you or someone that you care about, call David at 438-824-2433.